The gaming chair was inspired by the 911 GT3 R and will be limited to just 911 examples

Inspired by real life racing seats, Porsche has partnered with Recaro to unveil a new special edition gaming chair that allows fans of the brand to bring a little bit of motorsport into their office. Cheap Office Chairs Online

Porsche x Recaro Meet To Make A $2,500 Desk Chair | Carscoops

The Recaro x Porsche Gaming Chair Limited Edition is finished in the German automaker’s racing colors of red, white, and black, and was introduced at the virtual 24-hour Le Mans race that was held last weekend. Inspired by the seats installed in long-distance racecars, Porsche hopes to bring the ergonomic advancement required by long stints in 24-hour races to the home.

“Intelligent features and an ergonomic hold guarantee a perfect fit—just like in motorsport—even when cornering at high speed,” said Porsche. “After all, experienced racing drivers and ambitious gamers know that if you sit well, you drive (and play) better!”

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The Recaro x Porsche Gaming Chair Limited Edition was designed by Studio F.A. Porsche in collaboration with Recaro, and is made in Germany. The automaker says that the chair features an aluminum base and an ergonomically-optimized seat shell that is made of upholstery foam and clad in breathable fabrics.

An anti-submarining seat ramp helps users succeed during their posture checks, and firm lumbar support keeps them comfortable. Unique 5D armrests, meanwhile, ensure plenty of adjustability for owners of all sizes.

In addition to introducing this new limited edition desk chair, Porsche also introduced the latest-generation 911 GT3 R to the virtual Le Mans eSport series. The red, white, and black car served as the inspiration for the gaming chair’s livery, and will be used by Porsche’s eSport’s works team from here on out.

Porsche x Recaro Meet To Make A $2,500 Desk Chair | Carscoops

Office Sofa 3 Seater As is only appropriate for a product inspired by the 911 GT3 R, the chair will be limited to just 911 examples. Buyers, then, will have to be very big Porsche fans, because in addition to being rare, the chair will also be expensive, ringing in at $2,499 on the brand’s website.