Purpose of Tow Straps Hanging on Vehicles -

When it comes to getting a car unstuck, the best way to do it safely by yourself is by using the proper gear, namely a tow strap. in the right way and by taking the proper precautions.

Recently, netizens engaged in a debate about the purpose of the rope-like strap hanging on a vehicle. Small Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Purpose of Tow Straps Hanging on Vehicles -

A user by the name of Humphrey Gitata opined, " It is a towing rope commonly used in rally cars, originally used in aircraft for the same purpose of towing, it is commonly used in rally cars and is usually at the front for the car to be towed when not being driven."

Ndathe Karanja stated, "Initially, it was meant for Toyota Sports car enthusiasts specifically for Toyota Racing Club. Other car owners thought it was a version of the brand thus started hooking them all over."

"It is sometimes attached to a hook point at the back that is attached to the chassis of the car to pull or be pulled by another vehicle,” he disclosed.

Purpose of a Tow Rope

A tow rope is a heavy-duty rope used for towing and pulling stuck vehicles out more but they are only  used in emergencies, and not for long-term towing.

They are equally handy equipment to have with you if you or another driver runs into a mechanical problem on the road.

The straps are made from polyester which has less stretch compared to recovery straps.  Synthetic fibre ropes, however, are the ropes of choice today. These are much stronger than natural fibre ropes.

Each end has a loop or hook that attaches to the towing vehicles.

Using straps requires keen attention to detail. Any straps that are cut, frayed or damaged must all be replaced to avert an accident or damage.

According to Car Expert Miller, most Kenyans were misusing the straps.

“Originally, they were used as an anchor point for towing in auto sports but here in Kenya, they are just decoration,” he stated.

Furthermore, tow straps have end-hooks and are designed to have a steady, smooth pull.

"It is mainly used to pull up a free-wheeling transport vehicle from one point to another without any jerking movement," he added.

Common tow strap length is 20 feet and is not as stretchable.

Miller advised motorists using tow straps to be mindful when using the straps.

Purpose of Tow Straps Hanging on Vehicles -

Polyester Composite Strap "Straps can break or snap and even accidentally launch via air at a high speed. Therefore, people need to stand at a safe and far distance from the strap," he cautioned.