The 9 Best Patio Umbrellas of 2024

The EliteShade Sunbrella 9-foot 3-Tier Market Umbrella topped our list of winners

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The 9 Best Patio Umbrellas of 2024

A shady spot is key to enjoying the outdoors in the summertime. And there’s no easier way to add shade to your yard, deck, or pool than a patio umbrella. With tons of choices on the market in a range of sizes, styles, and materials, we narrowed down a field of 28 umbrellas to our top five picks.

If you love an outdoor space like HGTV’s Christina Hall, consider the nine PEOPLE Tested winners to add some shade to your summer spot. We put all the umbrellas through their paces on a sunny day with a high of 91 degrees and detailed our findings, since not all outdoor spaces are created equal. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to consider your own space, the number of people who will gather under the umbrella, and your personal style in making a selection.

Keep reading to find which styles were named the best that PEOPLE Tested.

Our testers tried out a total of 28 patio umbrellas. As with all of our products, testers are not aware of the price until after all tests are completed. 

They started by following the manufacturer’s instructions to see how to properly assemble the umbrella before attempting to do it themselves, thus possibly resulting in an unfair judgment. We opened each canopy, using a crank or whichever means the instructions called for to fan out the fabric, and timed how long it took us to complete each step of the process. We did the same when it came time to close it, as well.

From here on out, the process was pretty easy — all they had to do was use their umbrellas during hot days over the course of six months, coming back with their thoughts on each one’s design, effectiveness, size, protection, and durability. We tested the effectiveness of each umbrella by sitting down underneath each model to work on our electronics, and later tested the umbrellas’ performance in rain by wringing out a wet dish towel over the canopy while a tester sat underneath it. They watched how the water interacted with the fabric and, later, how it dried. 

Finally, we rounded out our testing by smearing a blob of artificial bird poo on the canopy (yes, really), allowing it to dry, and then evaluating the ease of cleaning. 

They rated each model from a scale of one to five (one being the lowest-performing and five being the highest) during each phase of testing to be able to numerically compare the results of each umbrella to find our initial winners. 

Later, those winners were kept at home to test for six months, with our testers logging their thoughts as time went on over the same parameters — checking in with their ratings as time went on for one, three, and six months.

We later updated our story with these long-term insights, found new winners, saw how some declined over time, and how some rose to the challenge of longevity to keep our picks fresh and accurate for your umbrella-buying needs.

It was incredibly easy to set up, open, and close this umbrella

We could adjust the tilt of the umbrella with just one hand

Provided great protection from both the hot sun and water during our rain test

The cost reflects its high quality — so be prepared to spend on this one

“Some assembly required” is hardly music to our ears on a hot summer day. So we were pleasantly surprised at just how quickly (37 seconds, to be exact) and easily we were able to set up the EliteShade Sunbrella model. To open, you simply place the umbrella in the base, untie the knot, and rotate the crank. The umbrella opened very easily, and the crank was quite smooth to operate. 

Tilting and closing were equally simple. All it took to tilt was the push of a button, and the same goes for returning the canopy back to its original, un-tilted position. To close, you just unwind the crank with one hand. It’s truly that easy. 

We could cover a table and five chairs in the shade of this umbrella with ease, and the one-handed tilt made it simple to keep our seating in the shade as the sun changed positions overhead. In our rain test, no water came through the umbrella at all. The inside of the canopy did not feel wet, and the water on the outside also dried very quickly. In less than 10 minutes, the umbrella was fully dry and no water spots were noticed on the fabric.

The umbrella fabric is thick and waterproof, and we found no stitching issues. In our artificial bird poop test, the stain scrubbed off easily, so this model scored a perfect 5/5 for durability. 

We found the price to reflect the top quality of this patio umbrella, resulting in a good value. For reference, our tester has a deck with a table and six chairs and said the EliteShade Sunbrella “will perfectly take care” of that seating area. 

How it’s held up: 

No matter the months that passed by, we always found ourselves loving the comfortable shade his umbrella brought to our backyards. Even though our tester’s deck faced western sunlight (a.k.a. lots of sun exposure), its light-colored yet opaque fabric kept them feeling cool in its large breadth of shade. This model continued to prove itself during the storms that we encountered, letting the droplets roll right off of its waterproof surface.

Dimensions: 108 x 108 x 100 in. | Weight: 17 lbs.

Its large canopy was able to cover our patio table and chairs

The crank was very easy to use and didn’t deteriorate with time (a feat some more expensive options couldn’t even pull off)

It has a very reasonable price for any umbrella, but especially one of its value and performance

This model was more prone to blowing around in the wind, but we never experienced any serious issues

Editor’s Note: Better Homes & Gardens is owned by PEOPLE’s parent company, Dotdash Meredith.

There are some things that you want to splurge on for your dream backyard, and some things you just, well… don’t. If a patio umbrella falls into the “don’t” category for you, then you’ll be happy to know that this durable winner was a standout among the competition, but nothing beat it when it came to price. We were floored by this model’s quality canopy fabric, which held up well in storms and provided ample shade in the sunlight. It also had a handy crank, which worked easily to open and close the wide-brimmed canopy.

It comes in a variety of colors, too — a versatile factor that we loved for different backyard aesthetics. But no matter the shade of the fabric, the canopy was very opaque and kept us feeling cool underneath. We did notice that in the case of strong winds, the canopy had a harder time staying open and would slowly close up on its own, but we didn’t encounter this problem often (and umbrellas should probably be closed in the eye of a true storm, anyways). For the price, we simply couldn’t beat this Better Homes & Gardens pick.

How it’s held up:

Though six months went by before coming back with more feedback, we stayed thrilled with the performance of this low-priced pick. Despite the changing seasons, our umbrella did not show any wear or tear from continual use and shifting weather. We’re continually impressed by the high quality for its low price, and still agree with our earlier sentiment: we’d buy this in a heartbeat. Honestly, we’d pay more (but we’re not complaining about this price).

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 8 in. | Weight: 11.2 lbs.

This high-quality umbrella provided incredible shade

The material was resistant to water and easy to clean

It comes with LED lights and heavy-duty fabric for longevity

The assembly was both difficult and time-consuming, plus it’s pretty pricey

Perhaps the shadiest of all the umbrellas we tested, the Hampton Bay umbrella provided complete shade. We ended up not needing sunglasses when we lounged underneath this shady canopy and we could easily use our electronics (a huge plus in today’s day and age). The fabric and hardware quality were top notch, and the solar powered lights were a fun feature. 

The base is rather large and it takes up a good amount of space while in use, but when closed, it would easily store in a small space. The umbrella is able to rotate 360 degrees, so shade is available in a large radius. In our testing, water rolled right off the canopy and dried almost instantly. 

We believe this model would withstand frequent use over multiple seasons so it earned a top score in durability from our tester. Cleaning was very easy and did not impact the material or the color whatsoever. 

While we ultimately loved this umbrella, it did not make a good first impression. Assembly was not intuitive and fairly difficult, taking our tester 40 minutes to compete. The instructions, however, were clear, and the manufacturer-provided video aided in set up. Opening the umbrella was a little tricky at first, but once figured out, it’s easy to operate. 

If you’ve got the budget to splurge, and the patience for a set-up that takes longer than 30 or 40 seconds, this is a nice option for your outdoor space. 

How it’s held up: 

We’re going so far as to call this the “best addition to our deck this year.” From temperature changes to unruly summer storms, this umbrella can truly weather it all. We ended up really appreciating the coverage, and though we weren’t fans of how big the base was at first, we grew to love it once we realized how much it allowed this canopy to steadily sprawl over our patios. You definitely need to have the space for its larger cross base, but if you do, this is surely the one to invest in.

Dimensions: 110 x 126 x 140 in. | Weight: 68.2 lbs

We loved the waterproof fabric (which was super easy to clean)

The material provided complete shade, which was easier on our eyes and screens

We appreciated the canopy’s air vent, which prevented excessive movement with the wind

The main knock for us with this model is its value — the price feels rather high for what you get (though we’d likely still buy it on sale)

This stylish umbrella was extremely easy to assemble—in just 33 seconds, to be exact. Opening and closing the canopy was also easy, and very intuitive. ​​The framing is super sturdy with the added bonus of an air vent which keeps the canopy from moving too much in the wind. 

The Safavieh Milan was as useful in our testing as it is good-looking. It provides complete shade, and the size of the shaded area is large for the size of the umbrella, plus it can tilt to follow the sun. Once broken down, it takes up very little room and could easily be stored in a small area. 

The waterproof fabric allowed rain to bead and roll right off the canopy, which also didn’t absorb any water. As for durability, the materials seemed a little more budget-friendly on this particular umbrella. It showed very little fading in color and was easy to clean. 

How it’s held up: 

Throughout the summer and early fall months, we kept expecting to see a decline in the color and performance of this umbrella — but to our surprise, we experienced nothing of the sort. Its hue remained the same despite rainy weather and beating hot sunshine, never fading or yellowing, and the crank and hinges all worked the same as it did the day we unboxed it. We began to wish this canopy didn’t have the fringe (bugs got a little trapped in them), but if you’re looking for something a bit snazzier in terms of design, we wouldn’t think twice to recommend this beach-y model.

Dimensions: 101.2 x 101.2 x 99.6 in. | Weight: 15.43 lbs.

It’s a great deal and an excellent value when you compare the quality to the low price point

The canopy was opaque enough to shield us from those hot rays while still allowing a comfortable amount of light to seep through

Its waterproof material held up nicely through the summer rain, staying true to its original shade and protecting the electronic lights inside

You have to purchase the base separately, so that’s an added cost

Assembling this three-part umbrella took just one minute, including the solar-powered LED light on top. Opening and closing the umbrella was simple, and the handle is labeled for reference. 

The Best Choice model provided a great amount of shade, and very little light filtered through the fabric. It was an incredibly comfortable umbrella to lounge under, as it provided an ample amount of shade for the size. But it’s a bit on the larger side because of this, so if you don't have a lot of storage space, this particular umbrella wouldn't be ideal.

Water beaded and ran off of the umbrella nicely. Tilting the umbrella was easy enough, but you tilt it from quite high up, so this model might not be the best option for shorter people. It’s a very sturdy product overall, with an aluminum base, and we imagine the polyester canopy would hold up for several seasons. 

With the added feature of the built-in lights, we expected a higher price tag (but were even happier with this model when we saw what it actually costs). Buying the base separately is, of course, an added cost, but the umbrella itself feels like a great deal.

How it’s held up: 

We were a bit worried about the lights in unavoidable summer storms, but this LED-powered umbrella got us through the summer with no electronic problems. The color never faded or changed during its days in the bright sunshine and it remained easy to open and close — huge wins in our book. After using this one consistently for six months, we can confidently recommend this umbrella for anyone looking for an LED umbrella that will last them several seasons (at a fantastic price, too — and bonus points if you can score it on sale). Plus, the lights didn’t attract bugs.

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 96 in. | Weight: 16.55 lbs

We were able to easily fit six chairs underneath its sprawling canopy

It was very easy to clean everything from bird poop to excess water from the fabric

The price was very justifiable for the durability and quality of this umbrella (especially since it was on sale when we tested)

It was a little difficult for us to try to figure out how to use the tilt mechanism

Never again will you be scooching a little too close to the person next to you in order to fit under the shade, because this 11-foot umbrella has enough wingspan to give everyone the sun protection they need. We were fans of the canopy’s super durable material, which was very easy to clean during our water and bird poop tests, which took barely any elbow grease to remove. Its aluminum frame was also a dependable aspect of this model, allowing us to crank open and close the canopy easily. When it was completely spread open, we were able to comfortably fit six chairs underneath this umbrella with room to spare — and if that doesn’t sound like a beach or backyard essential, then we don’t know what does.

We ran into a little trouble in trying to figure out how the tilt mechanism works, but regardless, we still appreciated how much ground this umbrella could cover when it stood upright. Plus, its price feels fitting, since we figure we can get many seasons out of this umbrella. (And we’ve found that it tends be on sale often, so that’s another perk). Patio tables and larger lounging areas are simply calling for this umbrella.

How it’s held up: 

Despite the months that have passed, this umbrella is still working just as well as it did when we first set it up. The crank remains easy to use, and we really only take it down when storms are brewing or high winds are coming in. Besides this, it stands proudly open, keeping us and our company lounging comfortably in its opaque shade. Bonus points for protecting us from the falling tree seeds and leaves, which has saved a few backyard barbecues.

Dimensions: 130 x 130 x 105 in. | Weight: 15.43 lbs.

Its free-hanging design makes this umbrella stand a little sleeker than the others

This style has the same look as our most expensive pick, just at a more palatable price

The durable and weather-resistant canopy was easy to clean, despite the messes that weather or bird poop made

You need to separately purchase base weights for the bottom cross stand

While we can appreciate the look of a standard umbrella (especially when there’s snazzy features like the Safavieh Milan’s fringe-y hem), nothing looks sleeker than a hanging umbrella like this one from Best Choice Products. From its sturdy, steel frame to its UV-resistant canopy, we admired how well-designed this umbrella was before we even got the chance to put it to the test — but everyday use is where this one really shined. It comes in a variety of colors, which made it easy to pick out one that went with our outdoor decor. We were impressed with its opacity, using its UV-resistant fabric to shield us from beating rays without affecting so much as the brightness of our phone screens. Not to mention that it easily repelled water and scrubbed nicely if there were messes of any kind.

It’s worth noting that you do need to purchase base weights separately for this umbrella, as its cross base is a little too thin to fully support the wingspan of this large canopy by itself. You’ll also need to be a little more vigilant about storms and high winds with this one, as the off-set support frame can be more easily swayed in inclement weather.

How it’s held up: 

Even as the months have passed, the canopy’s fabric remains waterproof and vibrant, not losing its hue or opacity in the sun. We never had issues with the brightness of our computer screens, and the frame bravely prevailed when we forgot to take the canopy down during a hailstorm (and though our cars gained dents from the pelting balls of ice, the canopy remained unscathed). But what did, unfortunately, do our umbrella in was the string that attaches to the crank breaking, which then prevented us from being able to use or open it again. We’re not quite sure how it happened, but we’re using this as a cautionary tale to keep your umbrella closed if you think strong winds are on their way.

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 96.5 in. | Weight: 28.8 lbs.

Everything from the aluminum frame to the UV-resistant canopy fabric feels incredibly durable

Its crank felt more substantial and higher-quality than the others we’d tried before

Its rich, navy canopy shade did not fade or discolor throughout the summer

The canopy fabric could have been a little easier to clean

When adding any piece of outdoor equipment to your porch or patio, you want it to be able to stand up strong against wind patterns and bad weather — which is why we loved the Kellie Market Sunbrella so much. This easy-to-use umbrella slid up and closed with ease thanks to its sturdy crank, which felt arguably more substantial than the others we tried on different models. We appreciated its rich color (and the several other color options that were available), and liked that its UPF 50 material, described by the brand as resisting “wind, water, mildew, and fading,” was just as durable as it was attractive. We can’t forget its ultra-strong aluminum poles as well, which have a reinforcing powder coating and provide more substantial support for the complete framework of the umbrella. Basically, we never felt like this model was going to tip over or look run down by the end of the summer.

Our only wish was that the canopy were a little easier to clean, as although bird poop was able to be scrubbed off easily, it left a faint stain against the dark material. But seeing how resistant it was to just about everything else, we couldn’t knock it for too many points. We also think a lighter color could solve this problem (we’d selected the dark navy shade for our backyard oasis). 

How it’s held up: 

We’re happy to say that even after several months of testing, this “sunbrella” continues to stand tall and proud in our yard. From its never-fading color to its tenacity against high winds, we’re continually impressed by the Kellie. The sturdy crank hasn’t even so much as rusted, which we’re very impressed by. From what we’ve seen over the past few months, we’re confident that this umbrella will last us several more seasons to come.

Dimensions: 108 x 108 x 96 in. | Weight: 14.4 lbs.

Despite its light color options, this umbrella is incredibly opaque and doesn’t let much light filter through

It has a wide canopy, which made it easy to fit a table and several chairs underneath

The tilt mechanism was very easy to use

Its price is highly favorable compared to some of our more expensive picks

It might be hard for people under 5’8” to reach the tilt button, which is located at the top of the umbrella stand

The main goal of an umbrella is to provide you, a poolside or patio lounger, with sun protection. But oddly enough, not all canopies are made the same — sometimes resulting in streaky sunlight that filters through the material, no matter how thick or dark it may appear. However, this was never the case with this Pure Garden umbrella. Besides being super easy to open, crank, and close, this straightforward umbrella was incredibly sun-blocking thanks to its durable polyester fabric. One day, someone in our testing group said that they “couldn’t detect the sun through the fabric at all,” despite the beaming sun and cloudless sky. It was also very easy to use the tilt mechanism — all we had to do was press a small button near the top of the canopy and tilt it in whichever direction we needed it to. 

We will note that our tester was about 5’8” and thought that reaching the tilt button high atop the stand may be tough for someone with a short stature, but we think it’s pretty easy to phone a friend or grab a step stool to get this done solo. Besides, it's hard to get a reliable tilt, wide shade (10 feet in diameter, to be exact — enough to fit several chairs around a table comfortably), and effective sun protection all in one budget-friendly pick.

How it’s held up: 

After six months, we’re still going strong with our Pure Garden umbrella. The crank has become a little bit tougher to use over time (we’re thinking rain and rust may have something to do with this), but the canopy and steel shaft are as sturdy as ever. But frankly, we do think there shouldn’t have been as much decline in the performance of the crank in six months as there was, which is something to consider when going for a more affordable option.

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 98 in. | Weight: 11.9 lbs.

As with all products that we test, we encourage readers to consider how much use they’ll get out of the product when comparing price points. If you’re saving up for a different big-ticket patio item and want to stay on budget when it comes to your new patio umbrella, then our “best budget” pick from Better Homes and Gardens could be the right option for you. But on the other hand, if you’ve been burned by flimsy umbrellas before and you want your next one has to be your best yet, then our “best investment” model from Hampton Bay is calling your name. Figuring out your budget is the first step, and then you can narrow down the functions and size that you’re going for. 

Every outdoor space is different, so consider your table, seating configuration, and all of your summer outdoor gear when choosing a patio umbrella. Also note how compact (or not) each model becomes for storage. For example, the Safavieh Athens 11-foot Round Crank Umbrella became our top pick for large umbrellas because of its large canopy and ability to fit up to six chairs underneath its shade span. It was also easy to take down and store away as the cooler months rolled in, which was a huge perk for us.

Some of our winners feature built-in, solar-powered lights, like our “best investment” pick or the umbrella that topped the charts for LED-lighted models, the Best Choice Products Solar Powered LED Lighted Patio Umbrella. Evaluate the lighting in your outdoor space at night when deciding whether a lighted umbrella is for you. 

You can also take note of whether a base is included or not with the purchase of each umbrella. Speaking of our best LED pick, that one comes without its base, which adds an extra cost to your purchase. LED lights or an included weight stand? Maybe both? The choice is yours. 

For many buyers, the look of a patio umbrella is just as important as its shading ability and rain protection. Take note of the different color options for each model, and if there are added details like fringe, a la the Safavieh Milan umbrella’s funky hem. Or perhaps you want a hanging style instead of the typical standing umbrella, like the Best Choice Products Offset Hanging Market Patio Umbrella. No matter what aesthetic best fits your fancy, there’s an umbrella that suits your style on this list. 

Rennie Dyball is an award-winning author who began her career at PEOPLE in 2002 as a reporter and remained on staff until 2017; she now regularly freelances for the brand. She covers a wide range of topics from beauty to pets, to housewares. For this story, she evaluated the insights from our testers as they tried out several different patio umbrellas in their backyards for a month, considering each based on their overall performance. 

Alyssa Brascia, a commerce writer at PEOPLE, later updated this story with the insights our testers provided after an additional six months of long-term home testing to show how each of these models stood up over time.

We created the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval to help you find the very best products for your life. We use our unique methodology to test products in three labs across the country and with our network of home testers to determine their effectiveness, durability, ease of use, and so much more. Based on the results, we rate and recommend products so you can find the right one for your needs.

But we don’t stop there: We also regularly re-review the categories in which we’ve awarded the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval — because the best product of today might not be the best of tomorrow. And by the way, companies can never buy our recommendation: Their products must earn it, fair and square.

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The 9 Best Patio Umbrellas of 2024

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