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A baffled woman was forced to change her outfit at Walt Disneyland after dressing up as Marvel's Wanda Maximoff and violating the theme park's dress code regulations

A woman was left confused after staff at Walt Disneyland forced her to change her outfit to fit the dress code. The TikToker named Alexa dressed up as Marvel's Wanda Maximoff for a day out at the theme park, but had to make alterations to her costume when she arrived. Party Dress

Woman dress coded at Disneyland over

In a video that's since gone viral on TikTok, Alexa explained: "I got dress-coded for my Wanda outfit at Disneyland yesterday so had to make some quick changes." This involved removing her headpiece to fit in with the theme park's clothing regulations, which state children over 14 cannot dress up.

In the 'before' image, Alexa can be seen wearing a black crop top with black jeans, red Dr Martens boots and long red gloves with a Scarlet Witch mask.

To ensure she could continue enjoying the theme park, Alexa had to remove the headpiece that resembled the character in the Marvel film.

"So ridiculous. I bought red Docs just for the occasion," Alexa said on her video.

The top-rated comment explained that Alexa could have been mistaken as the real character by children visiting Walt Disneyland.

"I think that's the purpose but it's not like I was wearing a full blown costume... for some reason the headpiece was a deal breaker," Alexa said.

TikTok viewers were left divided by the video, with many agreeing that Alexa shouldn't have worn the costume.

"If I was at Disney I'd totally think she was a cast member," one person said.

"Just like you could wear a yellow dress but not Belle's ballgown. The mask is the clear distinction that you're trying to be a character," another agreed.

Other people assumed Alexa had been told off for wearing a crop top, with one person writing: "Why did I think someone dress-coded you at Disneyland for showing midriff."

Though many people were confused that you could even get dress-coded at Disneyland in California.

"They literally sell Mickey Mouse ears ain't nobody mistaking everyone for Mickey," someone put.

On the Disneyland website, the dress code states: "Costumes may not be worn by guests 14 years of age or older. Masks may not be worn by guests 14 years of age or older."

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Woman dress coded at Disneyland over

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