Antec Vortex RGB: liquid AIO with RGB under the fans

Antec announced the launch of its new AIO Vortex water cooling systems.These cooling systems boast an exclusive RGB LED lighting system, which is integrated into the fan frame itself, which gives a cleaner and more elegant aesthetic compared to traditional systems where the lighting comes from the central area.

It is a liquid, so RGB lighting should not be considered a feature as such, so it boasts other benefits such as reinforced tubes, high-performance fans, or low noise.Let's see what these systems offer in terms of cooling. 2hp Centrifugal Water Pompa

Antec Vortex RGB: liquid AIO with RGB under the fans

Specifically, we have two models: the Antec Vortex 360 ARGB and the Vortex 240 ARGB.The only difference between the two is that, respectively, we have aluminum radiators with a density of 13 FPI and a size of 397 and 277 mm long, where three and two 120 mm fans are installed.These are responsible for reducing the temperatures of the coolant that reaches the block to cool the CPU.

These 120 mm fans are capable of reaching speeds of up to 2000 RPM, generating an air flow of up to 57.93 CFM with a static pressure of 2.11 mmH2O at a maximum loudness of 31.24 dBA.These fans promise a useful life of at least 40,000 hours of use and, as we already said, they cool the liquid, which is propelled by a water pump that operates at 2800 RPM with a noise level of less than 28 dBA, being capable of moving a flow of 1.3 liters per minute.

This pump is attached to a copper block that cools the CPU with support for Intel LGA1700, LGA20XX, LGA115X, LGA1200 and AMD AM4 and AM3 processors.Although it does not mention AM5, we assume that it is an error and that it is logical that it is suitable for the new Ryzen 7000 (the AM5 is backward compatible with the AM4 in heatsinks).The liquid passes from one side to the other through high-density EPDM tubes to avoid any type of filtration.

The information of the Antec Vortex RGB is completed with multilateral lighting through no less than 16 LEDs for homogeneous and bright lighting, an ARGB controller to manage everything by software (it is powered by a SATA connector), the water pump itself It also includes RGB, rubber screws are included to avoid any noise discomfort linked to vibration, the liquid ones are backed by a 3-year warranty, and are now available for purchase at a starting price of 89 euros for the 240 mm model , and 109 euros for the 360 ​​mm one.

Antec Vortex RGB: liquid AIO with RGB under the fans

Automatic Water Pump They are standard prices, but it includes the controller, which can connect more fans to it, an improved lighting system, but of course, we will have to wait for the performance tests to see if it is really a good investment.